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Get Your Car Ready for the Summer Heat

Summer’s coming … It’s the season for easy ridin’ and beach going. Or at least, it should be. But winter has a habit of leaving behind reminders from the harsher driving and road conditions — maintenance hangovers if you will. Soon, the heat, humidity, dust, and tourist swollen stop-and-go traffic of Georgia summers here in McDonough will be upon us.

Just like winter can be tough on our cars, the summer heat can be just as brutal. Make the time now to let your vehicle recover from the cold and prepare for the heat and more. Let Alpha Automotive help you keep your cool when the temperatures heat up. A pre-summer vehicle checkup will help avoid the inconvenience, potential safety hazards and unplanned expense of breaking down miles away from home. It will also help provide worry-free transportation here in McDonough and surrounding communities.

Some of the following checklists can be done yourself, although you may want to leave them and the other more complicated to the care of your professional auto mechanics at Alpha Automotive:

  • How’s Your Chassis? — The ravages of winter can affect the steering, alignment, handling and ride your vehicle delivers. Given that most of your vehicles suspension and steering components are underneath your vehicle and exposed to the puddles, potholes, debris, and other road hazards, a thought chassis inspection can identify problems that could put a damper on your summer driving.

  • Can You Stop on Demand? — Braking is an all-season, all-weather event. But during the summertime, when we’re blessed with tourists, their unfamiliarity with our roads can lead to having to stop unexpectedly. Let Alpha Automotive check out your brake system so that minor tweaks or more serious repair issues are remedied, so you have braking when you need it most.

  • Is your Traction Sure-Footed? — Ensure your tires are summer-ready. Proper tire pressure and remaining tread life affect fuel economy and grip, respectively. Bulges and bald spots — which can result from hitting a curb or pothole, or an emergency stop — are precursors to a tire suddenly giving out. In addition, uneven or irregular tire wear patterns can indicate an alignment or more may be needed.

  • Can You and Your Car Keep Cool? — When the temperatures heat up, you and your car need to remain cool. An air conditioning system with minor problems can quickly be heat-stressed and begin to operate very poorly or even fail in hot weather. Likewise, your vehicle’s engine needs to be safeguarded from overheating and breaking down. You auto mechanics at Alpha Automotive can also check the condition of system drive belts, clamps, and hoses. In addition, they can ensure the right coolant is used, and a coolant system flush is performed if the coolant’s condition calls for it.

  • Will You Have Ignition? — Vehicle batteries do not like the extreme cold or extreme heat. As a battery age, it’s often in these stressful extremes that the battery fails. Today’s batteries are more complex than in days gone by, and they require sophisticated testing equipment to be properly tested and diagnosed. In addition, batteries are trending to being vehicle-specific. Installing an incorrect, albeit new, battery may cause more problems than it solves.​

  • What’s Your Fluids and Filters IQ? — Whether transmission, brake and power steering fluids, engine oil, antifreeze, or even windshield washer cleaner, all fluids and lubricants need to be in good shape and at the proper levels for optimal summertime performance. Think of them as being akin to the blood in your body … their health is worth checking and being certain of. Likewise, replacing dirty or clogged filters that clean your passenger cabin air, the inconsistent fuels we put in our vehicles, and our powertrain components keep allergens, contaminants and undesirable debris from affecting how we and our automobiles perform.​

Whether you’re planning a summer trip or staying near home, make sure you arrange for a pre-summer inspection and checkup with Alpha Automotive. We invite you to call us,schedule an appointment online, or drop by for a visit at 391 Hampton Street, McDonough, GA 30253. We’re open from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and also on Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We’re a shop with a conscience, and we’d love to serve you, your family and friends.


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